Tradition & Trends About Promo Kites

Millions of people go to the beach and the park every year and kitesurfing or promo kites flying is the most visually spectacular sport around, drawing the eyes from everyone. Have you seen the tremendous marketing potential by flying your promo kites with your business information?

Promo Kites As Perfect Give-away Gifts

Taking up logo promo kites for promotion.
Flying up and down the beach and park, these promo kites can be used to advertise your business, making it stand out a little more from the crowd as you can add your company logo to your promo kites which allows them to be written off as a business operating expense. How cool is that! And the investment in a flying billboard is obviously at a fraction of the cost of normal advertising. So far we have worked with worldwide corporations making promo kites that send their businesses to new “heights”.

How to use Promo Kites

Promo kite is a great idea for special events and corporate marketing since it’s so affordable that many companies have preferred to distribute them on tradeshows, product launches, holiday events and other public occasions. Or you can just spend a windy day at the beach or in the park, and give away free kites to visitors. These approaches can be valuable and quickly expand your visibility.


Promo Printed Kites

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